Another Calling

We had our Liturgical Bible Study yesterday which made us realize a lot of things. I was with my schoolmates who happens to be a member of my youth org as well. And there were a lot of reflections and realizations.


We were just 7 yesterday which is very unusual to a Bible study session but it’s okay because we’re just starting our mission to build up an organization in our school to let more youth know Christ. The 7 of us were called to serve and to lead for the upcoming Bible study sessions- however yesterday, there was a LOT of revelations and all of us realized that we are all being called.

If you can still remember in my last post, I said yes to His calling. I said yes to become a servant and now, to train my members to be more inclined with Christ.

Yesterday, it is as if I was being called again. Called to spread His words and conduct a Bible study meeting. All the 7 of us were being called. And I’m glad— I’m honestly glad that all the 7 of us were ready to accept whatever will come in our way. We’re ready to serve. I’m ready to serve the school and make the students know Christ.



8 thoughts on “Another Calling

  1. Praise God for the revelations the 7 of you were receiving at your Bible study. Thank you for sharing this with us Jirah because it is a blessing when we see other children of God being blessed by Him, and letting Him work through you to do what He wants you to do. It’s a blessing, it’s encouraging, and inspiring. It nourishes others. So, see you are already ministering to others, whether you even knew it or not. God Bless you! :):)

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