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I am Jirah Merizz and my first blogsite was Jirah Merizz. I blog a little bit of everything in that little corner of the internet. I am currently 17 years old and I am happily living my life in the Philippines. So as I’ve said, I blog a bit of everything in my primary blogsite and I wanted my readers to take note of my Christianity post because this is something that I really love to write and I really love to share with others so I decided to make another blog for my faith so it will all be posted in here and it won’t be messy and hard to look for my Christianity post in my other blog.

The aim goal of this blog is simple: to inspire.

May last year, I have attended a youth camp which had really helped me to know the Lord better. I thought I knew Him, I thought I have accepted Him, but when I was in the camp, I was so aghast. I didn’t really know Him at all. During camp as well, I was still doubting to accept Him and let Him take over my life but little did I know, I said yes– and now I am happily serving the Lord together with my brothers and sisters. (Full post about my youth camp experience here.)

I would love to help everyone who will stumble upon this blog to accept Him in every ways because I’ve seen His works in my life and it’s purely, honestly and perfectly amazing.

So you’d see my reflections, realizations and everything as long as it is about my relationship with God and my faith. I hope y’all would enjoy this blog and I really hope this blog will help you in any way. God bless you!

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